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Be on Sharone Hakman's new TV show!

We're looking for guys who need help with dating & cooking

Do you need help in the kitchen?

  • Single guys who can't cook
  • Dating a girl you want to impress
  • Longterm girlfriend
  • Spice up things in your marriage
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Don't be shy, spice up your love life!

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Tell us why you should be on the show
  1. Step 1 - Submit your Application

    First, tell us about yourself and who you want to impress. Don't forget your video! DUE ON 11/15

  2. Step 2 - Be on the Show!

    We're selecting one guy to be on the show with Sharone and the chance to impress his date with expert culinary skills.

  3. Step 3 - Show is Edited

    Once the shoot is over, we'll edit the show and make you look like a rockstar!

Apply Now!

1/3 of Americans can't cook

Don't be average, time to step it up

About the Show

Helping guys be better through cooking
  • Cooking Isn't Just for Girls

    Being a pro in the kitchen isn't just about making great food, it's about connection. We're not talking about cheesy pickup artists - we're talking about real men with real skills. Studies show that 14% more men cook now than 40 years ago. Don't be left behind.

  • Develop Skills for a Lifetime

    No matter how old you are, knowing how your way around the kitchen can pay real dividends. For guys of all kinds, cooking can be a way to connect and show someone you really care.

    Culinary Skills for Every Guy:

    • Single

    • Dating

    • Long-term Relationship

    • Married

See Sharone in action!

Check out Chef Hakman doing what he does best!

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    Check out Sharone's website and see all the exciting projects he's working on.
  • Interview about Master Chef

    Learn more about Sharone's experience on Master Chef.
Food is a very sensual thing. I act on impulse and I go with my instincts.

Gordon Ramsay, Restaurateur, TV Host, Chef